Yesterday we lost our friend Craig to lung cancer. I can’t say it was a shock, we knew it was coming. He did let us know that time was running out. But, we didn’t expect it now. He didn’t look sick. He didn’t really act sick. He was so positive and was fighting tooth and nail.

I have never met a person who smiled so much. I mean literally, every single time you saw him. I would spot him outside and he would be alone and not know I was there and he was smiling. The only time I can recall seeing him without a smile was when he was telling me that his pride didn’t want him to accept the help he knew he was going to need. He was quite serious then and my heart dropped.

He was a man who would do anything for you. Yes, people describe people like that all the time but with Craig it was true. Jim lost his BBQ gloves. Within minutes of hearing it, Craig brought over a pair of welding gloves. We needed stuff moved….”I will get the work truck!”. He paid to have everyone’s driveways plowed. He was the neighbor’s always available babysitter. There was wine at every BBQ and beer/wine dropped off with a card for Christmas each year.

I never told him, but we cared. Greatly.

You will be missed, Craig. There are a lot of hurting hearts right now. On the plus side, you kept your hair and didn’t end up looking like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. Love ya, buddy. Rest in Peace.