We had excellent weather for a planned rib BBQ party with friends today.

Saturday night I prepped four racks of baby back ribs. Removed the silver skin, cut them down into three rib bone sized pieces and rubbed them down with a hot sweet dry rub. Tossed them in the fridge overnight.

Got up at 06:20 Sunday morning fired up the charcoal BBQ out front of the garage while sipping a hot coffee. For June it was foggy and 10c but the weather warmed up as the day progressed.


Once I got the BBQ temp stabilized to 250f around 09:00 I put the ribs on the grill and started smoking them with mesquite that had been soaked in water.

Around 3 pm I pulled the ribs from the grill and wrapped them in foil and put them back on the grill. This is called a Texas Cheat and it allows you to speed up cooking time without loosing any tenderness in the process. I kicked the fire up to 450f and left the ribs to render down their colligen for about 2 hours.

Around 5 pm friends arrived. I pulled the ribs out of the foil and slathered them in BBQ sauce to firm up on the grill for a while longer.

The end product was juicy ribs, with a nice smoke flavour that everyone enjoyed. Full day smoke show 12 hours from light up to sticky fingers.